XD070 Drop-on-demand technology

The XD070 Multi-Color Industrial Inkjet "image direct" from computer to print. The perfect solution for short or long runs with quick changeovers and variable data. This printer is ideal for multicolor printing on flat and semi-flat surfaces on a variety of substrates and can be customized to meet your printing needs.

  • Continuous, multicolor printing in a single pass.
  • High quality CMYK images using grayscale technology.
  • Product height and width application dependent.
  • 4- color integrated RIP available with variable image data.
  • Drop-on-demand InstaCure UV ink allows printing multiple colors with zero down time.
  • Fine lines and details at 14 inches per second /  360 dpi.
  • Automatic parts handling, pretreatment and vision system options available.

In a high-volume manufacturing environment, the inkjet offers customized automation systems which can be fully integrated with in-line automation for print handling and many other product delivery systems.


* Made in the USA




Maximum print width 2.7" (70.56mm) more per request    

Maximum print length Application dependent    

Max. product dimensions HT x W x L: Application dependent    

Maximum print speed 14 inches per second    

DPI 360 dpi, single pass, single head, grayscale    

No. of print heads 1-8 dependent on customer application    

Ink type Liquid UV    

Supported color configurations CMYK, CMYKLcLm, CMYKOG (Hexachrome) Also: Spot colors - CMYKWS1S2S3, CMYKS, etc White for undercoat: CMYKWW, CMYKOGWW, etc    

Pretreatment options Flame, Corona, Plasma, Static Control, Cleaner: Air Knife and/or Brush    

Accepted image data Monochrome, color or prepared color separations. Common image formats: .jpg, .gif,.tif,.bmp    

Image processing software Optional Integrated RIP, Color Management, Vaiable Data    

Software features Job and Print Queue Management Diagnostics (both local and remote)    

Human Machine Interface Industrial Touch-Screen Display including on-screen keyboard    

Ambient temperature 55F to 95F (12.5C to 35C)    

Physical space L: 10' x W: 5' x HT: 7.8'    

Compressed air supply Minimum 80 psi required    

Power requirement 240VAC 50/60Hz 3-Phase, 100 amps required    




    Gas Flamer


 This digital technology also eliminates the need to make plates. The artwork is electronically created and sent to the computer interface in either 4-bit, JPEG, BMP, or TIFF file formats.

The low cost, high resolution output and ease-of-use makes this technology suitable for all applications. The ink jet array prints clear bold text and graphics at a maximum speed of 15 in/sec. with a visible resolution of 360 x 720dpi. With this technology comes our "grey scale" feature which varies the drop size to enhance the resolution to a higher level. Below is a pictorial description of the Grey Scale. 
The new digital platform includes user friendly features for dynamic data input, such as bar coding, sequential numbering and on-the-fly individualized product marking and decoration that digital has be known for. It's a high-speed industrial ink jet printing solution for people who want more than a dot matrix. The digital ink jet can be configured with up to seven colors and the flatbed print area will allow for 400mm, 600mm and 1000mm platforms. Drop-on-demand ink jet using InstaCure UV ink allows printing a single or multiple images with virtually zero down time.
In a high-volume manufacturing environment, the digital ink jet offers customized automation systems which can be fully integrated with in-line automation for print handling from conveyorized linear shuttle, rotary table, pre- and post-treatments, plus other material handling add-ons and many other product delivery systems.